Reports API (Beta with 1 report example)

API Documentation

			    		"name":"Project X Report",
			    		"detective":"Aiman Nazaal",
			    		"shortDescription":"Project X is building a decentralized DApp..",
			    				"title":"The app with the cutting edge",
			    				"description":"The project has a functioning.."},{
			    				"title":"Risks were not mentioned",
			    				"description":"The Whitepaper does not address risks.."}
			    			"title":"Possible Red Flags",
			    				"title":"Possible fraudulent ex-team member",
			    				"description":"It was reported on 3.4.2018 on Bitcointalk that.."},{
			    				"type":"RED_FLAGS","title":"False alarm to sell out the start-up?",
			    				"description":"The founder claimed that.."
Key Type Description
id Long Report id.
name String Report name including project name.
date LocalDate Date of the report release.
detective String The detective full name. The analyst who wrote the report.
detectiveLevel int The level that detective who wrote the report has. Level types: 1,2,3.
shortDescription String Short description of the project the report is written about.
website String The project's website.
sections List<Section> Different main sections that the report contains. Some of them are Technology, Team, Financials, Possible Red Flags, etc. More in the Section table.
Key Type Description
title String Section title (e.g. Technology, Team, Financials, Possible Red Flags, etc.)
elements List<Element> Section elements. Element types: PROS, CONS, RED_FLAGS. More in the Element table.
Key Type Description
type ElementType Element types: PRO, CON, RED_FLAG.
title String Element head title.
description String Element detailed description.