2local Value Proposition


9 months ago
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Crypto Emerging Market

Failing economical institutions dominate the market, using dirty techniques to secure their position. Large companies disrupt the production of local entrepreneurs, which creates income inequality and disproportionate power. Our economy is breaking down rapidly, because this system doesn’t work anymore. More and more people are climbing the barricades and look for alternatives like cryptocurrency. The crypto market is getting stronger by the minute.

Cashback System

2local invented a unique cashback system. Tokens are rewarded to people who support local and sustainable companies by buying their services and goods with L2L-tokens. A small fee from each transaction gets collected and divided amongst those buying locally and sustainably. By applying a maximum per person to this cashback, we want to make sure that the most needy get the most.

Designed for Value Rise

The value of the L2L-token will rise with each new user. There are two reasons for this:
1. Buying goods and services with L2L-tokens will make the intrinsic value of the token rise.
2. Use of the token, more demand and more liquidity make the token rise in value exponentially.

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