Bitcoin Investors Have Successfully Made "Heart Gymnastics"  

Александр Бахматов

Bitcoin 2 years ago
Bitcoin price fell sharply after the previous day set an all-time high of US $ 58,354 per coin due to profit taking.
Reuters reported on Monday (22/2/2021), the price of Bitcoin fell 6% then the decline decreased in price to 4.4% to US $ 54,941. Rival Ether fell 7% to US $ 1,798 per coin, after printing its highest price last Saturday.Traders call this correction mostly technical in nature and not related to any news sentiment.

"Lately we've seen some momentum gathering over the weekend, but the momentum isn't continuing," said Joseph Edwards of Enigma Securities, a London-based cryptocurrency broker.

"We tend to think that there are good opportunities for a bad week and a small correction to come from here, although that doesn't have much effect on its medium-term outlook."

In the last two months the price of Bitcoin has almost doubled from the price of the end of 2020. This is due to the actions of a number of large companies such as Tesla, Mastercard Inc. to BNY Mellon starting to open up to cryptocurrency.

For some, this is interpreted as an opportunity to expand the acceptance of large companies in cryptocurrency so that Bitcoin can be accepted as an investment asset and means of payment in the future.