Bitcoin's price could see another major rally if history repeats itself  

Shiorshie Galhavan

Predictions 3 years ago
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2012 halving reduced the new supply by $302,400 per week.
2016 halving reduced the new supply by $8,190,000 per week.
2020 halving will reduce the new supply by $63,000,000 per week.

Making the next halving the most dramatic yet.
A multi-trillion dollar market cap for bitcoin is not just possible but also probable after the next halving.

Do you know what happens when everybody thinks that prices are going to go up? They go down!
I don’t remember all this talk about the next halving 3 years back.
We could see a big crash, and a gigantic miner crisis, with bankruptcies

There will be a huge adoption wave coming very soon which will propel the prices sky-high.
We are not talking Moon, we are talking Mars this time.
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