Crypto-Potential – New feature announcement

Helena Šagud

7 months ago
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Crypto Elite Wall has just been released.
The Wall allows the publishing of posts based on BID AMOUNT, effectively removing clutter and focusing on quality content.

USE QCP TOKENS to publish your post by placing a bid. The bid amount will determine the post-placement on the Wall. Post Bids can be found at the upper right corner of each post.
Higher post placement will increase your visibility and global exposure. Even if your post is not placed high, you can still find it on the Wall, your profile and share it everywhere else.

IMPORTANT: After you publish your post, a QCP amount (Post Bid) will be displayed at the upper right corner of the post. Each post has a “Post Daily Fee”, which means that QCP’s are deducted from Post Bid each day, lowering your Post Bid.

- Upload images
- Upload Youtube Videos
- Share links
- Add keywords for SEO

Please read the posting rules before publishing a post:
  • Crypto-Potential
  • Post bidding
  • Crypto Elite
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency news