Current Passive Income atm  

Kenny Ojini

Dapps 2 years ago
As yall know, there are plenty of desktop and mobile apps that, through signing up and running, you earn tokens passively, which, hopefully you'd be able to trade immediately or, more likely, at some point in the near future.

You've probably heard of most of these, but a couple new ones I'm currently backing include:

AIBOX - "The AIBox Lab is a team of artificial intelligence specialists which performs research, consulting, development and training activities. These activities are carried out in collaboration with academic and research institutions, government agencies and industry partners, in Brazil and overseas." UCFY3TQ4

SENSE CHAT - "A better messenger
A new messenger built to communicate, organize, and reward your communities and friends." Z4DQBL6

SPOTTER - "Spotter is a fresh born cryptocurrency with the idea to make accessible cryptocurrencies world to everyone." Use my username SHOWER.

Happy mining guys

Keep an eye on me, the GUILD is coming