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Scott Keisler

Altcoins 2 months ago
The first thing you notice about TORUM is the aesthetics. The dark mode like theme with the soft purple and pink accents really draw you in an elicit a sense of well-being and tranquility. As you peruse the platform the artwork and graphic design quickly jump out at you, with the catchy animations featuring often cosmic and urban motifs.

Soon you realize that meme culture is in full effect on TORUM as Doge, Laser Eyes and other internet sensations make frequent appearances in your feed.

I could get used to this, you say to yourself.

It's the creativity that initially captures you but soon you realize you are surrounded by other users who are also gathered to geek out and discuss all things cryptocurrency. From Bitcoin to Altcoins to DeFi there is always something relevant and informative to talk about. You may not quite get the resident parlance at first, but no worries, you'll catch on. You just might may have to do an internet search or two to glean the meaning of terms like HODL, FOMO and FUD.

This is TORUM – a crypto-centric social media platform that unites blockchain technologists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts all around the world. Officially Torum Technology Sdn. Bhd., TORUM is based in Malaysia and was founded in 2020, in part as a response to new opportunities presented by the DeFi movement in the crypto space. (DeFi is short for decentralized finance.)

The original founders of TORUM are:

Ah Go – CEO & front-end developer

Alwin Chang - CDO, Project Manager & UI/UX Designer

Jayson Tan - CMO & Social Media Community Manager

Teddy Tan - CFO & COO

Lucas Go - Creative Director & Graphic Designer

XTM is an ERC-20 (Ethereum) utility token that forms the backbone of TORUM's ecosystem. Current TORUM 'Landers' can complete Missions to earn XTM. They can also participate in the XTM pre-sale which is currently live.

XTM can be used right now to support other Landers with crypto-themed gifts. A number of other functions will be rolled out in the coming months including the ability to buy and sell artwork in the NFT Marketplace, boost a thread or post, bid on advertising and stake in the Token Depository.

XTM HODLers will also be able to use XTM in an in-house Mining Simulator game that will be launched sometime in the future. Plans for a Premium Subscription are also in the works.

Currently TORUM is in the private beta phase that is focused on fixing bugs, optimizing UI/UX design and experimenting with various functionalities. The next phase will be public beta, which will include the launch of many of the previously mentioned features and functionalities. The TORUM mobile app is also currently being developed. Clearly the deployment of this feature will be crucial to platform's future success.

And then finally there will....

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