Hero Stories: How Celo Camp Teams are Impacting the World Through Celo Technology

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When Celo Camp launched, Upright and cLabs went on a mission together to find and help startups who shared the same goal — “ to create prosperity for all.” Bringing equal opportunity to people all over the world and creating financial stability for those without access to proper banking via blockchain technology was a core goal of the project and the results have been astounding.

These are the inspiring stories, through the eyes of Celo Camp teams, of people and businesses positively impacted by their apps and through Celo technology, and of visions and archetypes of individuals some of these teams hope to impact.
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MugglePay: A 24-year-old builds a $1M noodle restaurant with MugglePay and Celo

Back in 2015, Zhang and Lee were college roommates in Canada who loved Guangxi noodles. Zhang started making the “Taste of Guangxi” and sales are expected to reach $1 million this year.

They realized 70% of their customers were tourists from Asia, including China, Vietnam and Philippines. They found that these tourists typically do not have a Visa card or Canadian dollars. Some customers would leave because their payments were declined.

“It’s time to change. I think there are many people with a lot of crypto currency, but they don’t have many places to spend it,” Lee said. “We are the first restaurant in Toronto to accept cryptocurrencies. It’s much easier than we originally thought. You can start accepting crypto payments on day one with MugglePay.”


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