LA Blockchain Summit this October

LA Blockchain Summit

14 days ago
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We're so excited to announce the CEO and Founder of Dalma Capital Management Limited, Zachary Cefaratti is scheduled to speak at LA Blockchain Summit this October
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Zachary Cefaratti is the CEO and Founder of Dalma Capital Management Limited, a leading asset manager and investment bank specializing in alternative investments including hedge funds, private equity and real estate.
Zachary was named the world’s youngest hedge fund manager in 2012 when he founded his firm, his portfolio today is rapidly approaching $1bn across over 10 funds with annual capital markets and M&A deal flow exceeding $3bn.
He began his journey as an investment manager at the young age of 7, when he was a child actor and began investing his earnings in bonds and equities. He began a professional career in financial services at 16 and sold his first financial services company at 22, after operating the firm from his undergraduate dorm rooms at University of Pennsylvania, London School of Economics, University of Washington and Franklin University Switzerland.
He regularly speaks at leading global events including SALT, FII and AIM Summit and is regularly featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and the New York Times.
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