Meson Network: Ultra New beta Gaganode on phone and computers!  

Men Touyue

Digital Assets 1 month ago
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Now comes the ganster after Pi,Core and Minima! Singapore Meson Network released its gaganode in beta version. Meson Network is building the next generation decentralized residential IP + bandwidth marketplace, aims to alleviate the global shortage of IPv4 addresses with Web3.0 technology.
White paper:
How to run a android node:
-open link and register:
-input email,password,confirm password and captcha click ”Send me V-code“ to get Email verification code and input in the left blancket.
-download and install app from:
(tips: if you download the apk filename ends with ".zip" , you can rename the file and delete ".zip" then you can install it)
-Tips(Very important!!) before you open the gaga app, pls do these first: Go to your phone setting and search "batter optimiztion"→search "gaga" and set not allowed; Go to your phone Optimizer and open "App lauch"(or somehow like this), search gaga and close manage automatically, in the meantime set on "Auto-lauch" & "Run in background"
-open the app and click "NO TOKEN YET"
-login with your account and copy your Token
-back to the app and paste your token in the "input your token" blanket
-click "START MINING" to run the node. Reward will be distributed every 30 mins and you can check your account details by click "CHECK MY REWARD".
Youtube course for buiding gaganode on phone:
Good luck to us all and happy mining.