SuperOne - Gaming meets network marketing and Blockchain technology

Joe Uribe

11 days ago
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Dear Community

in this article we would like to review SuperOne and give you all details we were able to secure.

What is SuperOne
SuperOne is an entertainment gaming app based on blockchain network to create a community and monetize from premium games and advertising.

Players can enjoy all the fun of a delightful picture quiz with stunning imagery from Getty Images while also being able to challenge friends or play prize and cash tournaments.

This is what is called skill-based gaming. This is not gambling. In this particular example players will be asked if the person shown on the image is Rihanna or not. Players will ask a series of questions that they have to answer with yes or no. The player with the most correct answers wins.

There will be many different categories, players can choose from sports - cars - music - movies - animals etc.

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