The CoinFlip New Referral Program  

Joe Uribe

Business 2 months ago
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Are you looking for a side job? Do you want to earn some extra money? Well, if you are, then this is the right article for you. With the pandemic, most of us are seeking to earn some extra cash to make ends meet.

Coinflip Referral Program

The good news is that in 2021, working is not limited to sitting in a plan office cubicle from 9 to 5. You can make money in the most unconventional ways, such as by referring a business to host the CoinFlip ATM.

CoinFlip is looking for Representatives to assist in spreading and finding new Bitcoin locations.

The CoinFlip referral program
CoinFlip is thrilled to announce a new and exciting CoinFlip Referral Program where people are paid to help find new CoinFlip ATM locations. You probably know of a network of retail establishments that like driving sales. What you probably don’t know is that you could make hundreds of dollars from that information.

Do you know someone that owns a retail space and is interested in hosting the Bitcoin ATM? All you have to do is make a point of referring them to CoinFlip and then wait to get paid for it.

If interested, please contact (312)728-0706.

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