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Airdrops 3 years ago
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We are glad to inform you that on February 3, 2020, VENUS, token of the VenusEnergy project goes listing on bitCastle Exchange. The expected value of the coin 1 VENUS = 0.003375 EUR.

Available trading pairs:

bitCastle is a cryptocurrency exchange registered and license in Estonia and operated by an Estonian company named CASTLE OU. (Crypto Currency Exchange and Wallet License Number: FVR000886) Developers aim to create a new age of exchange where everyone can use it safely and have fun.

Transaction Fees - world record low.
95% Cold Wallet Management.
Rapid support system.

Major coin pairing available:

The features of the CASTLE token have yet to be fully implemented. However, the major concept of CASTLE Token is to allow the use of discounts on trading fees and of course it does not limit to that as bitCastle will be launching more service in which also allowed to pay by CASTLE token in near future.
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The VENUS token has a payment function and is limited to tokenized VenusEnergy ecosystem. This token gives access to an environmentally friendly mining platform. VenusEnergy aims to create a completely new cryptocurrency mining model. The main problem of the industry that developers see is the huge consumption of electricity, the generation of which pollutes the environment.

The solution to this problem will be to use energy from renewable sources for mining. As conceived by the team, the platform will allow mine more than 24 cryptocurrencies and bring good profit to investors. For the further evolution of humanity, it is necessary to develop those ideas that care about the environment and people. Join the project on 03.02.2020.

VenusEnergy team announced Airdrop Bounty. Tokens will be distributed after 2020.04.01. VENUS tokens will be distributed in three stages of 2 months each. 1 stage — 2020.04.01, 2 stage — 2020.06.01, 3 stage — 2020.08.01, This will be done so that the sale of coins by campaign participants does not reduce the price of a token.

More info about the VenusEnergy project on the website:
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