Blockchain projects mining QCP tokens

Drife    Mining at full potential

DRIFE is a decentralized ride-hailing platform powered by blockchain with the intent of empowering both, the drivers and commuters.


VenusEnergy    Mining at full potential

A project that, in conditions of large-scale environmental pollution - offers an alternative. Mining of cryptocurrency, using electricity generated from renewable sources of energy. Symbiosis between the socially responsible idea of "Way to a Green World" and a well-built financial model that will allow you to earn more than 24 cryptocurrencies and provide income for all depositors.


imusify    Mining at full potential

An award-winning blockchain-based music platform that integrates the best practices of crowdfunding, streaming, media sharing, and social networks.


VIMee    Mining at full potential

Indonesia's first user owned islamic social network.


Cryptoxygen    Mining at full potential

European crypto exchange with the complete solution for crypto traders.


Silica neXus    Mining at full potential

Cross-Reality Virtual Universe (XR-VU) combining the consumer game market with the arcade and out-of-home entertainment market.


The Suite    Mining at full potential

The Suite uses Blockchain Technology to decentralize the economy of Loyalty Cards.


Pharmeum    Mining at full potential

The World’s First Blockchain Medical Prescription Platform with AI Health Analytics. An $872 billion-dollar industry on the blockchain.


Fieldcoin    Mining at full potential

Connecting landowners with crowdfunding investors while enabling fast and cheaper transfers of land property to individuals and companies.


CryptoProfile    Mining at full potential

Novel Economic Model: CryptoProfile is one of the first platforms that focus on creating a consolidated airdrop platform for ICO projects.


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