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DRIFE is a decentralized ride-hailing platform powered by blockchain with the intent of empowering both, the drivers and commuters.

  • Transparency
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Ride hailing
  • Decentralized
  • Blockchain

An award-winning blockchain-based music platform that integrates the best practices of crowdfunding, streaming, media sharing, and social networks.

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Tokenomics
  • Crypto exchange
  • Social networking
  • Blockchain

A project that, in conditions of large-scale environmental pollution - offers an alternative. Mining of cryptocurrency, using electricity generated from renewable sources of energy. Symbiosis between the socially responsible idea of "Way to a Green World" and a well-built financial model that will allow you to earn more than 24 cryptocurrencies and provide income for all depositors.

  • Venusenergy
  • Green house effect
  • Climate change
  • Crypto mining
  • Green energy

Cross-Reality Virtual Universe (XR-VU) combining the consumer game market with the arcade and out-of-home entertainment market.

  • Cross reality (XR)
  • Digital prizes
  • Entertainment
  • NFTs
  • Crypto collectibles

European crypto exchange with the complete solution for crypto traders.

  • Thomson Computing
  • Crypto exchange
  • Multi-currencies wallet
  • Trader

Connecting landowners with crowdfunding investors while enabling fast and cheaper transfers of land property to individuals and companies.

  • Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Marketplace
  • Agriculture
  • Digital Farmer
  • Land Real Estate

P2P Exchange platform changing the way people trade Peer to Peer, featuring 50% less fees and targeting professional traders and normal users.

  • Crypto trader
  • P2P
  • Crypto exchange
  • Professional trader
  • Buy/Sell Crypto

The World’s First Blockchain Medical Prescription Platform with AI Health Analytics. An $872 billion-dollar industry on the blockchain.

  • Medical
  • Healthcare
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Pharmacy

The Suite uses Blockchain Technology to decentralize the economy of Loyalty Cards.

  • Loyalty
  • Cards
  • STK
  • Blockchain
  • ICO

Novel Economic Model: CryptoProfile is one of the first platforms that focus on creating a consolidated airdrop platform for ICO projects.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • ICO investor
  • Crypto enthusiast
  • ICO
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