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The First Hotels and Vacation Rentals Marketplace with 0% Commissions.
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Canlead incentivises people to refer and earn from any opportunity they may find online. It connects opportunities with users, and rewards referrals.
Views: 33
Decentralized organic food commerce on the blockchain.
Views: 31
One of the biggest POS solution providers in the world with instant payments with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and ELI at offline and online stores.
Views: 27
A blockchain solution for the container shipping industry, realized through the issuance of a digital currency called TEU2 Tokens.
Views: 19
A scalable public-private blockchain protocol with deletable data features, enabling blockchain applications to step into commercial development.
Views: 27
VenusEnergy offers to use electricity from renewable energy sources to mine cryptocurrency.
Views: 880
The World's First Powerful Distributed Token-Generating Platform for Money Transfer.
Views: 38
A marketplace which transforms travel services and superior data: traveler-focused with flexible, dynamic, and intelligent booking experience.
Views: 42
A P2P cryptocurrency exchange that allows individuals to buy and sell cryptocurrencies peer to peer through an escrow system.
Views: 21
A "One-stop booking platform" that ease providers and their consumers with booking engines, marketplaces, review systems, mobile application, etc.
Views: 42
A platform providing cheap, efficient and sustainable energy for users in developing countries, most especially, Africa.
Views: 33
The first social cryptocurrency exchange for beginner investors.
Views: 29
A platform to issue and trade security tokens. Open for retail investors.
Views: 69
A mobile-focused investment platform where anyone can create their own portfolio of BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies determined by users' votes.
Views: 49
ArtPro Platform
The first blockchain reinforced marketplace using blockchain for verifiable art and smart contracts for transactional purposes.
Views: 66
The Suite
The Suite uses Blockchain Technology to decentralize the economy of Loyalty Cards.
Views: 1816
Enabling secure blockchain-powered timestamping solutions.
Views: 55
A decentralized, community-driven AI platform where everyone can participate in the growing AI market by ordering or creating AI services as a value.
Views: 36
We search for an effective method to extend human life by investigating to lengthen or avoid the reduction of telomere size.
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