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Cryptocurrency marketing package from AltcoinN. Get a large audience for your cryptocurrency project.
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AltcoinN has 110k Alexa Global Rank. 9-11.000 visitors per day and very active members.
We have partnerships with VIPGo from Singapore, SurfEx from USA, Soothing Coin from Germany and other cryptocurrency businesses.

Our Package:
1. Own forum thread for your project.
2. 3-4 threads per week.
3. News about your project.
4. Social signals.
5. Your project banner on AltcoinN
6. Your project bounty or/and airdrop to AltcoinN community
7. Other marketing activities about your project (games, quiz, pools, etc.)

Package worth 20.000 USD for 1 year - VERY IMPORTANT - WE ACCEPT Your cryptocurrency 100% as payment !

Your site only should announce AltcoinN as a partner.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Airdrop and bounties
  • Banner advertisement
  • Blockchain Marketing