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Here is a brief introduction about BigONE exchange: Our goal is to find great projects for our global users. In fact our core team is from YUNBI.COM which was the top exchange in China in 2017. During the past 5 years, we never lose any assets. Now we have 5 million registered users and 20k daily trading users. Our daily trading volume has been over 500 million dollars recently which you can check on the CMC website:

The services we could provide: 

1. Promotions:

    a. Online AMA in our community includes more than 50000+ members

    b. Personal interview:the article will be published on the mainstream media like

2. Strong Community: Shortly after opened the EOS mining pool, BigONE has received nearly 10 million EOS deposit (equivalent to more than 40 million dollars today). Click here to see more information about our POS Mining pool:

3. Different Trading pairs: There are 4 trading pairs you can choose from usdt-/btc-/eth-/one-(our platform token), most projects choose the usdt and btc pair for your reference.

Besides, we can run a trading competition for you and promote it through major medias, and KOLs and our community too.

We've served more than 120+ projects within 2 years, and we have lots experiences to help projects to be listed on our Exchange. Let me know your thoughts, and looking forward to talking with you.
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