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Ecoin is building a global payment network that aims to remove all types of bank fees and provide a stable financial system as an alternative to the current system where poorest of poor immigrants pay 10% as bank fees when they send money back home or currencies like venezuelan bolivar or zimbabwe dollar which are losing 10% value every day due to hyperinflation.
I am sure you have heard of ‘cryptocurrencies’ and wondered how they work. Cryptocurrency is a payment network designed for the internet era which runs on next-gen technology called Blockchain. This technology although groundbreaking hasn't reached mass adoption yet as older cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin need massive investment to earn them through mining and need high technical knowledge to use them.
Ecoin was designed to have the world's easiest distribution system, as it was clear the current distribution models of cryptos don't work well for mass adoption.
With the world's most easiest user on-boarding, Ec
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