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Hibiscus Translator

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We are a team of translators and a programmer. Our service allows any ICO projects or related business to be able to reach out for global audience. We make this happen with 3 service we provide:

1. Translation of essential documents (eg. whitepaper, pitch deck)
2. Localization of websites
3. Customer relation support

1. Translation of essential documents
- Our experience on translating whitepapers, presentation and pitch deck allows us and out clients to have confidence in our work
- The format of translation will differ according to the taste of our client
- We usually take 3 to 4 weeks for a whitepaper and 5 days for presentations and one-pagers.

2. Localization of websites
This is a total localization service we provide to our clients and what we provide in this package is as follows:
- Translation of essential documents
- Website translation
- Website optimization for selecting different language with ease.

3. Customer relation support
One of the problem our client face after the localization service is to build sustainable relationship with such market segment in respective language. In that sense, we provide total package of support to our clients, depending on their current goals and target.
  • Customer support
  • Translation
  • Website optimization