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Ivan Duchanier

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Campaign translation services and social media campaign:
I am also in marketing area, i can provide you a social media campaign ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram) i will spread your project everywhere in Medias also I can do for you Signature campaign in Bitcointalk. I have a group of 15k bounty hunters they will promote, boost your project and they will make it known for everyone and everywhere

I am an experienced Translation Services Company with capabilities and technology to address your global needs. i tailor language solutions with focus to your specific requirements.
my professional translators are native speakers who have work experience in the industries for which they translate. What’s more, you’ll get fast turnaround times at affordable prices with no sacrifice of quality.
I can provide the following languages following languages: French, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Indonesian, German, Spanish, Malaysian, Romanian, Thai, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese,Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Dutch, Korean and Greek.
I did many projects like TheCargocoin, angel token, EpicCash, stamp, Bitchamps, Bitcomo, Ethlus, Bitwhite...
I accept payment with Eth / Btc
  • Digital Marketing
  • Translation
  • Blockchain Marketing