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The Video Sharks

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B2B video production company. We work with Fortune 500 companies and tech startups. Whether animation, live action or screencast, we can help you produce video content that gets you noticed.

Our process is split into 3 parts
1. Information ingest: discovery of brand, content guidelines, visual branding, fonts/logos, competitor landscape, briefs and your objectives
2. Concept development: script, voiceover, storyboard and animatic. You get unlimited revisions on this part of the process to ensure a narrative that sticks.
3. Production: illustration, animation and sound design. We bring it all to life here.

Few things to know about our service:
1. Highly flexible process where you never get nickle and dimed for changes
2. One project manager the whole way through, you will never have to repeat yourself
3. All work is delivered in close to final format, so you are not micro-managing and can focus on high level feedback
4. Bring your idea. We do the rest. Most of our clients just know they want a world class video and we guide them the rest of the way.
5. It's fun. You can focus on your business while we surprise you with our creativity.

For discounts we have different options available
Up to 1 minutes - 10%
Getting 2 minutes - 15%
Anything over 4 minutes - 20%

So the more you get the more you get discounted. Pretty sweet right?
  • Content creation
  • Animation
  • Video content
  • Photo/video production