Mine tokens for your achievements

Mine tokens for your achievements

and lower your business costs up to 70%

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1. Acquire achievement

Blockchain-related projects can apply for mining QCP tokens. Click on "Become a Miner" and fill out the simple application form. The project provides the required information and the following badges can be awarded:

The project has done market and competition analysis.

The project has a legal opinion and token audit report.

The project has team introduction videos.

The project has the minimum viable product (MVP).

The project has at least 2 famous PR articles or 2'000 YouTube video views.

2. Publish achievement

After the achievement has been received, the project can publish it and make visible on its website. The goal of this is to spread the idea of more transparent crypto space and to empower projects to achieve more. Use 'Get Badge Code' button on your project's profile to design badges according to your website colors.

Having achievements on the website, the project:

  starts mining at 100% potential to maximize cost reduction

  builds awareness and increases token sale

  gets free social media boost

3. Start mining

After publishing, the project becomes eligible to mine QCP tokens at 100% potential weekly for promoting transparency.
If the project has badges but hasn't published them, it mines at 10% of a mining potential.

Below you can find the table of mining potential:

Badge type QCP received weekly
@CVB Competition-verified 250.00
@CPL Compliant 500.00
@INF Influential project 1 500.00
@MVP MVP available 2 500.00
@TVB Team verified 1 000.00

QCP tokens can be used to lower business costs by up to 70%. All company activities (marketing, compliance, listing, IEO, etc.) can be accessed via QCP token. Check out the quality blockchain service providers who accept QCP tokens.