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Jason Meng

ICO Detective, advisor and blockchain developer since 2015. Trading cryptocurrencies since 2014 with multiple successful seed and ICO interests. Since buying my first Bitcoin in 2014 I’ve spent collective years researching and applying everything I knew about traditional financial markets into cryptocurrencies. In the interest of making money, under the guise of advancing technology when I say "I'm in it for the tech!" Since coming onboard my first team in 2017 I’ve spent weeks and long days consulting, and drafting small pieces, parts created by the countless talents present in this vision shared by a greater belief in decentralization. That one day the most important conceptual element of humanity - trust, can be relied on as a tangible reality all in the pursuit of steadily advancing tech

Jacob Smith

Services We provide at, telegram id: SEO of Project Website Bitcoin Talk and ANN Thread All published Press Releases highlighted on Google, Bing and Yahoo Total PR media outreach of 2M to 5M 1 ICO Expert review on ICO Bench Press Release on top 700 News Websites ( Global ) 3 articles in Reddit - Trending in Crypto Subreddits 7,000 Twitter Crypto Followers with 300k outreach Facebook traction ( Likes and Reach ) 7,000 likes and 200k outreach 1,500 Youtube Subscribers 10k Youtube views with more than 50 percent watch time 2,000 Linkedin followers 3,000 crypto subscribers on Reddit Telegram community buildup with more than 10k members Promotion in Twitter and Facebook groups Listing on 10 ICO reviews websites Email Newsletter to 50K authentic crypto members Telegram bot for real time tracking of your group Price: 35 ETH

Daniël de Vries

Daniel de Vries is a digital entrepreneur and owner of In 2013, he made his first crypto investment. Despite the current bear market, his interest in the blockchain continues to grow every day.

Alvis Albie


Parham Lilian

PR and SM strategist at Crypto-Potential - CEO at CPLand The most important value of my life is "Transparency"

dennis mangoli

I consider myself a story teller. For me, writing comes naturally. Currently, I am a writer at CCN, NewsBtc, Coingeek and Cryptona. I would be delighted to help you in your copy writing needs. Here is a link to one of my articles published on the CCN website. I have over six years’ experience as a copywriter.

Deepak Raj

Subject matter expert specialised in KYC AML CTF compliance processes for Crypto companies, Financial Institutions and FinTech companies. Give me a shout at deepak.amirtharaj(at)

Emmanuel Junaid

As a community manager my job entails managing telegram groups for ICO projects which includes replying and attending to prospective investors and community members,notifying the group members of spammer/scammers. Currently acquiring my Bachelors degree in Finance.

MateProject Agency

Do You Want To Know Us? MateProject Agency is a digital marketing community institution for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that wants to continue to grow through our existing services. MateProject has been established for almost 6 months. Our Vision Building a digital marketing community globally. MateProject Services: Translate, Telegram Support, Graphic Design, Bounty Manager, ICO Booster, Email Investor Database, Email Campaign For More Details Download Our Proposal Here ⤵ Contact us DM: @mateprojectservice Channel: @mateprojectagency Email: [email protected] Bot: @MateProjectAgency_Bot Best Regards, MateProject Agency a community of digital marketing services

Joshua Emeghai

A young civil engineer that specializes on structures. I'm into Tech writing, ICO hunting and also a crypto investor, blockchain enthusiast and a social media influencer. I serve as a brand ambassador of companies to represent and enlighten users/customers on the project and mission of my employers. I'm currently a brand ambassador of Appics (a blockchain social media platform, base in Switzerland) to Nigeria, promoting and hosting of E-learning/Local events and representing official Appics merchandise here in Nigeria. I can serve in my best capacity as an ambassador of any (blockchain) companies across the globe and lastly, I'm open to business and connection.

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