3 Tips for Remote Working  

Easy Crypto

Easy Crypto has been an entirely remoteworking company since we started in 2018, and we're stoked to now have staff across 6 countries! Here’s my 3 top tips for navigating through the challenges that remote working can bring if you/your business plans to keep with that way of working from L3 to L2 & beyond


Use Monday meeting time to set up what each person is planning to do for the week. This gives management an understanding of where workload is spread across the team, and ensures employees know the expectations of them for the week.

It's tough without watercooler chats or calling out from desk to desk. Our development team has a group video chat going in the day to replicate the office feeling. Make sure the messaging service you use enables the right people to be in the right conversation with channels for each project, large client, or company division.

That’s what we call our end-of-week company-wide video chat! Everyone grabs a drink and we each talk through the 3 things we're most proud of for the week. This is so important because it's not only great for company culture, but also allows for everyone to understand what is happening across the business.


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