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Humanity has come close to the point where we all need to think about which world we will leave for future generations after ourselves. Our needs, in particular energy consumption, are increasing every year. This became especially noticeable after the emergence and popularization of cryptocurrency, because for its production powerful servers are used that consume a lot of energy.And the introduction of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources in the crypto industry is too slow. The main reason for this is that renewable energy is much more expensive than conventional, therefore, from a financial point of view, it is not attractive for mining since it reduces the profit from cryptocurrency mining to zero.

What to do?

VenusEnergy has an answer. In collaboration with the USAT.inc project, we offer a solution that will allow the use of renewable energy for the extraction of cryptocurrency at an unprecedented low price. To do this, the VenusEnergy project for generating electricity, which will be used on our platform, is switching to a new, innovative Solar-Wind technology, invented by Australian scientists from USAT. Using Solar-Wind technology will reduce the cost of 1 kWh of renewable energy to 0.03 US dollars (i.e. 3 cents). This makes it possible to extract cryptocurrency many times more profitable than buying energy from electric networks.

Currently, the VenusEnergy project is working on the implementation of a MVP (i.e. prototype) of the platform, which will be located in Australia. The prototype will use the Solar-Wind power supply — 15 kW, which will power 6 ASIC servers with a total capacity of 300 TH / s.

The main goal of the prototype VenusEnergy project is to show and prove that the deliberate use of innovations in the field of renewable energy can give us not only clean air, but also be a financially profitable investment.

More info about Solar-Wind technology you can found at: https://usat.io/

More info about the VenusEnergy project on the website: https://venusenergy.io/
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