A Revolution in Financing Global Cinema


12 days ago
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There are several reasons why investment in cinema is not massive.

1. High entry threshold for investment.
2. Closed business, only for the elite.
3. The risk of film failure at the box office.
4. Long term for investment.

The CINEMADROM allows anyone users to invest in world cinema, with a minimum amount of $ 100. This option easily solves the reason 1 and 2 of the problem of world cinema.

As for points 3 and 4, this problem is solved by a unique tool — the MOVIECASH token.

The MVH token itself is not something super unique. This is a cryptocurrency of the ERC20 standard, which is created on the ETHEREUM blockchain.

It is important how the MVH token is used in the CINEMADROM ecosystem.

So. Let's find out.

- The main function of a MOVIECASH is the financing of film projects.
- A secondary function MOVIECASH is a payment tool in: 1) "CINEMA +" social video network: 2) The online games "HOLLYWOOD": 3) In a advertising campaigns and other services of the CINEMADROM Ecosystem.

How is funding for film projects?

We sell exclusive rights to film production. This means that the buyer of these films is right to become a Co-Producer and participates in the distribution of profits earned by the film.


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