At home all day? Let’s make some money  


Jobs 4 years ago
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All of us at Paxful are sitting at home just like you are, but we aren’t bored at all.

Now that you aren’t going out for your day job or side gig, let’s help you make some money at home.

We’ve got two ideas below:

Idea 1: Earn commissions every time your friends buy bitcoin
-Our Affiliate Program: rewards you with an
commission when your friends and family start buying bitcoin. All you need to do is to share
unique link on your social media!

Remember: The more people you introduce, the more you’ll earn!

Idea 2: Be your own boss and a crypto leader
-Join dozens of other Peers in our global Peer Program: to
become a community leader, gain access to exclusive benefits, and the chance to become a
Paxful employee:

Some things you’ll be doing are promote Paxful on social media, organize meetups, and bring
in new customers.

We hope you’ll make the most while you’re at home!

Bitcoin’s designed to change the world.
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