Bitcoin To Become Superior To Gold After 2020 Halving!

Mister Crypto

1 month ago
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As you all know, Bitcoin mining and it’s supply is finite. The network will stop producing the Bitcoin once 21 million coins are produced. That’s why Bitcoin is referred to as “digital gold”. Bitcoin halving is an event that halves the rate at which new Bitcoins are created. It occurs once in every four years. Last time it occurred in 2016. Now it is scheduled for 2020 May.

What happens to Bitcoin after Bitcoin halving 2020?
The second Bitcoin halving occurred in May 2016 brought a boom in the Bitcoin price. Does Bitcoin become superior to gold after 2020 halving? Let’s check.

Hash Rate Reaches All-time High
Halving helps Bitcoin to become superior over the gold. Miners will secure the Bitcoin by validating each transaction. By Bitcoin halving, that’s going to happen in May 2020, the new coin issuance drops to 6.5 from 12.5. Thus the availability of the coins decreases to half. This leads to an increased demand for the Bitcoins which again leads to a boom or spike in the Bitcoin value.
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