Bittrex Global Partners with HedgeTrade for a $5 Million USD giveaway


27 days ago
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June 3, 2020, Vaduz, Lichtenstein and Singapore — We’re pleased to announce that Bittrex Global is partnering with crypto prediction social marketplace HedgeTrade to make it easier to share crypto market forecasts and successfully trade, regardless of experience. HedgeTrade users can stake HEDG tokens to create trading predictions based on Bittrex Global order books and earn for successful predictions. Those trading predictions can also be leveraged by others to inform new trades on Bittrex Global.

As a celebration of this partnership, HedgeTrade is giving away up to $5,000 worth of HEDG tokens to any Bittrex Global user (up to $5 million USD total) who completes the following:

Signs up on HedgeTrade using the following link:

Purchases HEDG tokens on Bittrex Global

Deposits HEDG to HedgeTrade directly from your Bittrex Global account within 7 days

Giveaway: Within 14 days HedgeTrade will deposit a 20% bonus of HEDG tokens into your account ($5,000 USD equivalent in HEDG tokens max per user)

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