Blockchain in India: The Biggest Boom  

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Wondering if India really ready for blockchain adoption? This article illustrates some success stories of Blockchain technology, including the reasons for its boom and challenges that the country has to deal with.

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Blockchain is the most revolutionizing technologies these days, and due to this blockchain job market is booming. Today, this technology has become a magic word for almost all the top organizations. The skyrocketing demand for blockchain jobs has also translated into a significant salary bump.

In the present, certified blockchain experts are great in demand. Whether you are aspiring to become a Blockchain developer or an architect, let’s discuss how this technology is widely in adoption and proving itself as a boom.
Blockchain’s Success Stories

Apart from Blockchain as a technology, Blockchain can also be seen as a cloud platform. Let’s have a quick overview of the success stories related to Blockchain in India.
Universal identity -Adhar Card

Came up in 2005, Indian universal identity “Aadhar Card” offers a unique ID to each individual, and within a year, it successfully issued around 1 billion digital identity cards around the country. Although Aadhar works in a seamless connected manner, its security loopholes are a significant concern.
But with the introduction of Blockchain technology, where verification is based on Zero-Knowledge Proofs using SSI (Self-Soverergin Identity), that will enable verification to take place without compromising the integrity of documents in a decentralized manner. Thus, the Indian government can Blockchain all the nation’s ID than any other around the world.

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