Blockchain Offers a Youtube Alternative


7 months ago
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Hi! In today’s post, we will tell you about decentralized YouTube alternatives.

In recent years, YouTube has gained notoriety for censoring content that does not agree with what its terms “advertiser-friendly guidelines.” Now, with blockchain technology entering the field, these issues could soon be a thing of the past.

The Content Problem With Internet Giants

Just a few months ago, YouTube admitted that its algorithms were flawed, after it appeared that the platform was promoting offensive content and hiding suitable material. Disturbingly, the erratic censorship is not solely due to flawed algorithms. There is reason to believe that the people behind the platform may also be deliberately blocking content that does not align with their political and social ideologies.

The YouTube case is not an isolated one. Recently, many centralized content-sharing platforms have been in the limelight for the same reasons. They have received their fair share of criticism, mostly for political censorship, at times even facing lawsuits as a result.

Why Content Creators Should Consider Decentralized Platforms?

Imagine a video-sharing platform upon which advertisers can hire content publishers and pay them directly. The benefits to this approach are mainly the elimination of intermediaries lowering advertisers’ costs and increasing the margin both for them and for content publishers. Also, brands directly choose content of their ads....


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