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🎴Cocos mainnet | Bounty 🎴

🔶Free 140 Cocos completed all task
1 Cocos mainnet = 1$

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⭕Quiz : 1. Question : Which of the following statements describes Cocos-BCX’s vision the most accurate?

Answers : The Platform for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy 

2. Questions : What is the focus of the Cocos-BCX public chain?

Answers : Blockchain gaming

3. Question : Which of the following investment institutions has invested in Cocos-BCX?

Answers : All of the above

4. Question : What’s the native token of Cocos-BCX?

Answers : Cocos

5.Questions : Which of the following consensus mechanisms does Cocos-BCX adopt?

Answers : Dpos

✅Completed Twitter Task
✅Invite more freinds

⚠️Withdraw soon Because there is no wallet that supports Cocos Mainnet