Bullish on Bitcoin  

Stefan Crypto

Adoption 1 year ago
JP Morgan is investing and on the board at ConsenSys, bringing JP Morgan to ethereum. So the biggest banks are now moving to blockchain in many applications. It’s a complete 180 from Jamie Diamond blasting crypto a few years ago.

There appears to be a Cold War race right now between the US and China to develop a national crypto to help stabilize troubled economic system around the world. A currency tech race seems inevitable and probably will happen extremely fast.

Fidelity Investment, one of the largest asset managers in the world, has now opened a Bitcoin Fund and released a long report with a stock-to-flow analysis putting Bitcoin at $1,000,000 by 2025. This is the type of shit Mcafee would say in the past, now our biggest financial institutions are saying it.

At this point we see the biggest financial institutions and the biggest nation’s governments are getting into Defi. The general market is going to see that Bitcoin isn’t going away and is a safe and reliable asset. The greatest wealth transfer in history is going to happen in the next 10 years. Make sure to pack your bags...at your own risk.
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