Commonwealth Initial Coin Offering  

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Token sale 1 year ago
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The tokenomics development, web traffic, user activity and participation, the quality of our publications, mainnet design, subproject expansion, investment performance and COMMunity contribution are the key drivers to the growth of the Ecosystem. We will offer prospective investors opportunities to acquire COMMs in full compliance with local laws, policies, and regulations.

The token distribution, 20% is reserved for the team and to be released linearly or slower over the course of at least 5 years. 30% is owned by the foundation pool and reserved for ecosystem operations, alpha and content mining in particular. 50% is available for sales in tiers.

The first round of the Commonwealth Initial Coin Offering is ongoing. And our ICO process is fully compliant with SEC Regulations D and S in private sale solicitations. In particular, accredited US investors must follow the SAFT protocol to participate in private sales.

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