COS.TV Ad Revenue Grows Over 400% Per Month: Loved by Creators Because of Low Threshold for Earnings


1 month ago
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COS.TV, which recently celebrated its first year anniversary, has great news on increasing ad revenue for global creators! In the span of two months, ad revenue has grown by more than 400% and ad views have increased by 278% on COS.TV's advertising system, which launched in April this year. Out of the creators that actively use the advertising system, 5% can now directly withdraw their earnings.

A friendlier growth system and intuitive community interaction mechanisms have enabled us to successfully generate income for more than 150 creators within 45 days of the launch of our advertising system.

What kind of growth mechanisms does COS.TV provide to increase the growth potential for creators?

A low threshold for withdrawals of earnings

Creators can directly withdraw their earnings if their cumulative income exceeds $10.

2. Fast 24 hour withdrawals

By setting up a wallet, creators can withdraw their earnings in 24 hours, instead of waiting 14-21 days.

3. Decision-making rights

Creators can decide to turn on the advertising system themselves, giving them more power to manage their followers.

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