Crypto determined to emerge from the shadows

Matthew Allen

6 months ago
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Global politicians, regulators, financiers and technology pioneers will soon be gathering in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. This has not been lost on the blockchain and crypto industry, which is redoubling efforts to engage with policy makers.

Next week’s Crypto Finance Conferenceexternal link (CfC), in the up-market ski resort of St Moritz, has positioned itself to attract such big-hitters, days before they attend the annual WEF summit in nearby Davos.

Initially conceived as a match-making platform between deep-pocketed investors and blockchain start-ups, the third edition of CfC has now broadened its scope.

Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss, the US billionaire bitcoin twins, are undoubtedly the star attraction, but the guest list also includes representatives from central banks, financial regulators and government advisors.

“If we only invited crypto enthusiasts then we would just hear a self-fulfilling prophesy that crypto is great and here to stay,” CfC CEO Nicolo Stöhr told me. “We need other voices from outside the blockchain community who can point out what needs to be improved.”

The goal is neither to preach to the converted or to convert the sceptics, says Stöhr. “We want people to come and decide for themselves. It’s no good looking the other way because crypto looks scary or you don’t understand blockchain. We want to provide people with high quality information.”
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