Crypto Under Corona: From Venezuela to Liberland  

CV Labs

Business 4 years ago
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To get a sense of how Covid19 is impacting the industry, CV Labs surveyed the Top 50 blockchain companies' leaders from Switzerland, which according to Ralf Glabischnig, CV Labs and CV VC “represent more than $20 billion of in the blockchain space".

The survey takeaways are: 73% said their business was impacted by COVID-19, 63% said it caused a loss of business opportunities and 72% said it caused an adjustment to their budgets. Also, 42% applied for a federal loan, 58% did not.

In what you can frame as either glass half empty or half full, nearly half (45%) said they had enough runway for more than a year. Only 8% planned a reduction in their staff.

The survey respondents noted some positive impacts of the pandemic: more efficient one-on-one meetings, trimming of excess costs, and a chance to revise projects and priorities.
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