Cryptocurrency allows complete transparency due to blockchain technology, Truth or not?  

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Since Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are so closely connected, it is safe to assume that virtually all cryptocurrencies that exist today rely on some sort of blockchain, however for running blockchain, we do not require cryptocurrency. For virtually everything that requires a stable and immutable ledger, a blockchain can be used and some cryptocurrencies use similar but distinct means of monitoring transactions.

The degree of openness, transparency, and accountability that it can offer and serve as a futuregame-changer in the financial world is one of the most enticing aspects of blockchain technology.
Through providing a complete, open, tamper-proof history of information flows, product flows, and financial flows in transactions, Blockchain, the digital record-keeping system built for cryptocurrency networks, has the ability to assist supply advantages to the chain partners with some of their challenges. Blockchain allows an infinite number of anonymous parties to interact anonymously and safely with one another without a central intermediary for cryptocurrency networks.

Blockchain safeguards privacy through the requisite encryption and control mechanisms by storing information in such a way that it cannot be changed without documenting the changes made.

The security and confidence problems are accounted for, by Blockchain technology in many respects. Immutability renders all transactions binding, which suggests that nobody is able to alter or cancel transactions.
The code itself is almost always open-source, even though personal information on the blockchain is kept secret. Holding data on the open source blockchain also makes it far more difficult to tamper with data. Blockchain stands to make cryptocurrency operations more precise, reliable, and safe and it can effectively increase the openness, transparency, and accountability of the participatory planning processes. Now that cryptocurrencies deliver faith through technology, yet the fundamental characteristics of the technologies that drive confidence in cryptocurrencies are not well known.

As blockchain technology forms the foundation of cryptocurrencies and potentially brings fundamental changes to digital economies on a global scale, millions of enthusiasts are willing to trust the underlying technology and experiment with cryptocurrencies. It is highly recommended to through some research for yourself before investing in any crypto asset and study the core properties of blockchain technology that facilitate the creation of trust in cryptocurrencies.
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