Cryptoxygen Secured Wallet Is Available At Google Play And AppStore


7 months ago
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Cryptoxygen Wallet is mnemonics based highly secured mobile wallet to store crypto assets. It currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. It fully respects your privacy not only in terms of technology but also from UI/UX perspective. Its design has been produced after deeply applying the design thinking approach, as what mind set prevails behind using a conventional wallet and what an end users will look into while putting their trust to an app like this. In addition to this, Cryptoxygen Wallet does not save your private key anywhere and you have total control over your assets. Alternatively, you can easily switch between different mobiles and restore your assets by 12-word Mnemonic phrase.

One of the most promising features of Cryptoxygen wallet is its 3-Factor authentication, which acts as dual authenticator by bringing in co-signers features. You can easily set a maximum limit on each and every currency separately and activate this functionality whenever your transaction goes beyond that limit. This request a biometric-based authentications from the co-signer when you need to complete a transaction beyond a previously defined limit.

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