Digital Asset Summit - Online registration closes in 5 days!  

Kazushi Yoko

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Online registration for the CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit closes in less than 5 days and we're almost packed to the brim with exceptional content across three stages, 100+ industry-leading speakers, and over 800 attendees from leading financial and digital asset companies.

What's next in decentralisation? Find out in just a few days from our expert speakers who will take the stage to discuss specialised key topics:

- How decentralized is DeFi?
- Gaming: the final economic frontier
- Cross-chain interoperability
- DEx's vs centralized exchanges
- Decentralized scaling solutions
- State of the stablecoins market
- First-time "live" presentation of derivatives market on the Vega Platform

See Agenda:

Special thanks to:

Xpring is Ripple’s open platform for money that makes it easy for developers to integrate payments into their applications. The Xpring platform builds upon open-source software, open standards and open networks to allow for sending and receiving real-time payments in any currency

Equilibrium is a framework for decentralized crypto-backed stablecoins and DeFi products, helping users collateralize their assets on a variety of blockchains and get price-stable liquidity at low APR. EOSDT is the first instrument on top of the framework that currently has over $15m of underlying collateral backing more than $4.6m EOSDT (pegged to USD).

Aave is an Open Source and Non-Custodial protocol to earn interest on deposits and borrow assets. The protocol features Flash Loans, the first uncollateralized loan in DeFi.

Mode is an iOS mobile app designed to make cryptocurrencies, and all their untapped financial benefits, accessible to everyone at the touch of a button. Mode allows you to instantly buy Bitcoin via credit card and bank transfer and safely store it within the Mode app.

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