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Scott Keisler

Altcoins 3 years ago
Emerald Crypto | March 3, 2021

BAT, short for Basic Access Token, is up over 71 percent in the past few days. The price has risen from a tick under $0.47 per share Sunday to over $0.80 at the time of this writing. This cryptocurrency currently occupies over one billion dollars in market capitalization and has a very concrete and tangible application in the real world, making it one of the more popular cryptos among traders and investors.

BAT is an open source blockchain based on Ethereum. In a nutshell BAT is integrated into the Brave browser and was created to solve inherent inefficiencies and privacy violations nagging the digital advertising industry. BAT is the world's first private global ad platform and is unique because it allows users who opt in earn tokens for attention paid to ads that populate. In other words users get BAT for viewing ads, which of course turns everything on its head.

Additionally, verified content creators and publishers earn BAT by allowing Brave to serve ads on their platform. (Currently that platform can be a website, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Vimeo, Twitch and/or GitHub.) Creators can also earn through tips contributed by readers, followers and subscribers.

Verified creators can choose to get paid in BAT, Bitcoin, Ethereum or U.S. Dollars and earnings can be spent on gift cards or used to support other content creators. In the future users will also be able to apply earnings toward premium content subscriptions.

BAT is the first crypto application to have more than 1 million users and is one of the leaders in the new Internet economy. This should not come as a surprise as Brave Software Founder and CEO Brendan Eich created JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla, which developed the famed Firefox browser.

The Brave browser itself is faster and more private. It utilized shields which blocks ads, gets rid of unneeded cookies and makes the browser harder to recognize. It also uses secure connections when possible to block malware.

Brave maintains support for chrome extensions too.

The browser also features the option to open pages in Tor. Tor is free and open source software that enables very private internet usage by hiding the user's history and masking their location. It obscures the user's location by routing them through several encrypted servers before they land at the destination page.

Brave with BAT integration has launched current or past successful ad campaigns with Nexo, eToro, Verizon, Crytpo, BlockFi and many other leading brands. They have also established a solid presence in the blockchain gaming community.

Overall the Brave community currently boasts over 25 million active monthly users, 7.4 million active daily users, and over 1 million verified creators accepting BAT (this author is one of them).

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