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Kazushi Yoko

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and experience the innovation to make your business smarter.

Here are some excerpts of 2020 exhibitors who can offer products/ technologies/services for the Pharmaceutical, Welfare, Healthcare industry.


Quras is a public blockchain that can secure confidentiality of smart contract transactions. This allows blockchain applications to be extended to sensitive data industries, like Healthcare.

2. IX Knowledge Inc.

We have been focusing on acquiring blockchain technology as early as possible because it is extremely useful for solving social issues. Here are some of the initiatives.

3. SotaNext Co., Ltd.

We are a Vietnamese IT company providing blockchain consulting and development services, with hundreds of technical experts, aiming to be the pioneer in bringing Blockchain to mass adoption.

4. TomoChain Japan Co., Ltd.

TomoChain blockchain and product ecosystem allow entrepreneurs, enterprises to build high-performance, privacy-protection blockchain projects on an enhanced EVM-compatible platform.

5. Tezos Japan

Tezos Japan is a non-profit organization granted by the Tezos Foundation (Zug, Switzerland) and is engaged in activities such as enlightenment, education, and support of Tezos technology in Japan.

6. is a non-profit to develop Beyond Blockchain technology to solve many problems of existing blockchains to upgrade society's ability to automate its trust infrastructure.

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