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Startups 4 years ago
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Real estate tokenization is undoubtedly a massive industry on the horizon. If we speculate that in 10 years time 1% of the 2.8 trillion of professionally managed commercial real estate properties worldwide will be tokenized, a market worth 28 billion is about to rise and spread to every corner of the internet. Are you willing to pass your chance?

Imagine you could have an essential role in this emerging industry? This set of online resources will not only give you the know-how to master real estate tokenization, but also the ability to become Blocksquare’s Certified Partner, granting you access to our compliant turn-key solution. As our Certified Partner, you will be able to officially consult established real estate companies on how they can increase value and liquidity of real estate properties in their portfolios and offer them our solution as an official reseller.

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