Glimnetwork wallet Airdrop  


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βœ… Glimnetwork wallet Airdrop

πŸ’° Claim 50 GLIM = $17.5

πŸ’° You earn 50 Glim upon registration and 20 Glim for all TRX, BNB and Matic deposits. You also earn 5 stable coins (GNST) for each 5 swaps or withdrawal.

πŸ‘‰ Claim Here:

➑️ Enter invite Code: 4EY4QR60

πŸ”΄Create an account with username and email

🟠Enter invite Code: 4EY4QR60

πŸ”΅Verify email

🟒Listing on exchanges March/April 2023 at $0.35 USDT/GLIM

⚠️ Users should note that KYC tier 1 and Tier 2 must be done completely before airdrop token can be released. Inactive accounts and fake accounts will be permanently deleted after the exercise.

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