Hamster Kombat  


Airdrops 25 days ago
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πŸ’™ Who doesn't have enough Telegram games - another cool toy with an unusual idea Hamster Kombat

βœ… Hamster Kombat β€” a game in a tg bot with a confirmed airdrop where we will be in the role of the CEO of the exchange and our task is to shave hamsters

We need to be active in the toy and for this we will get airdrops that all active users will receive, and if you want to get more, you need to get into the top 10%, they will receive 60% of the total drop

πŸ‘‰ Link: https://t.me/hamster_kombat_boT/start?startapp=kentId389396679

What to do:
βœ…Go into the bot, we receive a gift of 25k coins to start
βœ…Tap on the hamster and get coins, pump "Boost"
βœ…In the "Mine" section, pump mining on the passive
βœ…We collect daily rewards in Earn

⚠️ The game started recently, so you can fly while the HYIP is not so big and have advantages over others.
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