Hard to swallow pills about blockchain/crypto  

Markus Gates

Other 2 years ago
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I entered into blockchain for the disruptive and innovative technology. Watching it grow over the year has been a blast for me as well as other supporters, I'm sure.

But what I learned over the years that very good chunk of people have no clue about Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it. They are here because of the profits and money grab. You cannot really call them supporters or adopters because at the first sign of profit trouble, they are out. IF they can't make any money, it's bye-bye for them.

I've talked to a lot of people, some really interested in the tech and some not at all and this is what makes me sad every time I think about it.

People don't understand the technology, they don't want to understand it and they don't care about it, only thing they care about is money. They heard it's good money to be made there.
When you listen to them talk, you instantly realize that they have no idea what they are talking about, nothing makes sense and they are just trying to sell you something they themselves don't understand. When you challenge them on the subject they avoid it with more nonsense or try to intimidate you by raising their voice.

There are of course people who deeply understand the technology and are very involved, which is a breath of fresh air, but every so often you stumble upon the other kind.

I can understand people looking to make a quick buck and then getting hooked up, but to never trying to understand the technology or even care about it seem like a bad news for blockchain/crypto

Just look at some scam coins like OneCoin and Bitconnect. They grabbed their money, and now they are gone, dropped from the face of the earth.
Ian Balina, withdrew his BTC in 2018 and you don't hear from him ever.
John Mcafee, where is he now? He shilled crypto so hard few years ago and now you don't hear about him.
and many many more.....

One time I got connected with a person who was a friend of a friend, interested in doing business together, rich and influential but had no knowledge of blockchain. The first thing he asked me was "is this a scam or a pyramid scheme?"... even before I could say anything.
That was his perception of Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto.

These types of people make the industry and technology look bad altogether.
However, bad marketing is marketing also. At least people hear about Bitcoin and blockchain.


Is this how adoption takes place? Bunch of people who are in it for the money and scram at the first sign of trouble?
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