How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Change Many Industries Forever with Raghu Bala


29 days ago
836 QCP
Adam Torres and Raghu Bala discuss the new norms in business.

The coronavirus pandemic will change many industries going forward. Some of these changes will lead to innovation and a shift in the workforce. In this episode, Adam Torres and Raghu Bala, CEO at NetObjex, discuss how the new business landscape will evolve.

About NetObjex
NetObjex is the leader in IoT Platforms and Solutions. Its comprehensive platform consists of a Device Platform, Mobile Platform and Cloud Platform to provide complete solutions to enterprises from the cloud to the “last mile”​ of IoT. Our solutions are used worldwide – both directly in enterprise and consumer solutions, as well as embedded in third party technologies. Our industry leading IoT Cloud platform also extends into legacy enterprise systems through its Enterprise Gateway.
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