Industry Expert: Brock Freeman  


Business 4 years ago
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This interview is part of a series of conversations with leaders in blockchain for real estate, so our community can learn how blockchain is impacting real estate directly from experts worldwide.

His tech-centric finance, as well as real estate finance expertise and his shared vision on blockchain use in real estate along with his proven leadership experience, make Brock Freeman one of the top leaders in blockchain for real estate. Brock has recently been named the Seattle Regional Chair for FIBREE, an important step in the non-profit’s U.S. expansion strategy.

“FIBREE is filling an understanding gap between the real estate and blockchain technology worlds, and is well positioned to shape and lead the global conversation on blockchain’s optimal use cases for real estate; I wanted to be a part of that,” stated Freeman, “It’s about driving adoption, awareness, and change management — with blockchain impacting the future of the entire real estate industry.”

This week, our team at Blocksquare has been able to get into a conversation with Brock and discuss his views on blockchain adoption in the real estate sector.

Q: Brock, tell us a little bit about your background.

A: I’m an IT Enterprise Architect with a finance and sales background. I was a stock market analyst in Taipei, later moving back to Seattle and joining a mortgage bank as an underwriter. I then pulled a team together to build the industry’s first web-based end-to-end loan underwriting, processing, and secondary marketing platform. After a journey to the sales and marketing side for wholesale mortgage, and then a software startup in Hong Kong, I moved over to product management for corporate finance systems. Currently, I am focusing to go back to real estate technology.

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