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If you are looking for a superior technical analysis and technological edge Multi Commodity Exchange project that will assist you trade quicker with lower brokerage and give you better margins, you are at the right place. AumMCX is your MCX trading platform offering deals with a wide range of commodities including silver, gold, copper, crude oil, agricultural commodities, lead, etc.

If you dive into the concepts of MCX, know the three margins intervened with the terminology:

1. Initial Margin
A minimum amount you pay while entering the futures contract.
2. M2M Margin
Profit/loss is managed every day by means of a Mark-to-market margin. In case you earn profit one day, the associated money gets transferred to your account from the clearinghouse and in the case of loss, relevant money is deducted from your account and gets transferred to the clearinghouse by the broker.
3. Special Margin
The amount is collected to tackle and manipulate volatility and excessive speculation.

Why AumMCX Trading Platform?

AumMCX is here to help you carefully invest in commodities + equity + forex + crypto trading platform with people having zero knowledge and in return provides an assured return policy. This platform showcases expertise in the domain knowledge having a team with more than 10 years of spectacular experience and hence incorporating standard techniques including Hedging and Positioning trades to make it a successful one.

AumMCX is the only platform housing 200% returns with trading opportunities and the AumMCX pools offer a standard organized platform particularly developed by professionals for the common user to generate a daily minimum of 0.8% returns. This will automatically be issued to participants after proper revenue generation. Hence, you can enjoy around 0.8% daily for almost 250 days with referral options and 24/7 instant pay/withdrawal features. Fill your pockets with everyday returns getting referral incentives, and rewards.

The project practises cutting-edge technology in every process involved toimprove the overall user experience and stay ahead of the curve. Similarly, the team working on protocols suggested using sorts of MCX Robot trading software or say Algo trading that will alleviate user experience to an unexpected level.
Trading with AumMCX will ensure your freedom to trade as per your choice without any limit. The virtual trading here will give you access to diverse trading services accessibility from multiple platforms like mobile, desktop, web, browser and much more.
The project commits to offering you all kinds of support on any step of the trading journey with AumMCX. The team onboard is more than a count member always available for your assistance at multiple mediums via call, chat and email to resolve your queries.

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