Investors Throw in the Towel, with Equities, Commodities and Cryptos Falling into the Abyss  

David Airben

Investing 3 years ago
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Can it get any worse? It certainly can when considering how far riskier assets have climbed in the bullrun. Trump didn’t think zero rates meant this.

It’s been quite a start to the week for the global financial markets.

U.S President Trump set out his cart going into the week talking up the FED’s 2nd emergency move in a matter of weeks.

The U.S President may have hoped that the move would restore market confidence, instead the move shook the markets to its core.

While investors in emerging economies welcome such moves, investors in developed markets certainly prefer more measured responses.

One has to question what influence the U.S administration had on the FED over the weekend. The FOMC was due to deliver their scheduled March monetary policy decision and FOMC economic projections on Wednesday.

With the coronavirus spreading globally, one has to question why the FED was not able to wait.

The only answer could have been that FOMC members knew something that we did not and it couldn’t have been good.
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