Is It Possible for Elon Musk and Michael Saylor to Send Cryptocurrency to Mars?  

Gosu Hoon

Other 3 years ago
I considered a lot of very dorky, honestly unsophisticated puns to sprinkle in this post's wordsmith labyrinth. Instead, I'm going for a more classic look. Why is it that I don't understand!? But, every now and then, a crypto super hero only wants to hide and enjoy a sideways market. Sunday, to be precise... Palm Sunday.
I'll start with the less difficult of the two: Saylor, Michael. We'll probably do a deep dive on Saylor at some point in the future, but for now, you know the drill.
Michael Saylor has been a vocal advocate for a strong corporate strategy to convert revenues, investing, lending, sales, and a number of other organizational strategies to Bitcoin. Bitcoin, in his opinion, will continue to grow in value forever, while fiat currency will continue to fall in value indefinitely. Following the principles of conventional finance, the inflationary laws of financial physics, and seeing the horrific experience of bursting deficits is not a novel concept. It's clever. Putting this much confidence in crypto may be one of the most daring tactics, but it's that kind of daring that gets us talking, right?
I've spent a lot of time listening to Saylor break down details he's presented at business conferences, sharing various tactics others have used and how they're incorporating Bitcoin into their corporate structure. There's no way he understands what he's talking about. It's interesting to hear someone who is well-versed in finance clarify the facts of our current economic condition to the rest of the conventional financial markets, and that they are paying attention. Fortunately for us, the financial district is already lagging behind government policy (I hear a distant Amen from a thousand crypto projects struggling to get their clarity)
As he led the conference for corporate strategies in Bitcoin, I made a joke that Microstrategy's'strategy' was actually a macro strategy, but after getting to know his work a little better, it appears they already picked up on the pun; nothing clever or original going on here! lmao

The more Saylor talks, the more optimistic the reasoning behind big corporate capital pouring into cryptocurrency becomes. We've seen reports of significant amounts of Bitcoin leaving Coinbase and other exchanges, and we think these are indicators of the HODL at the top of the food chain. Bullish, to say the least.

If you read my article about ETFs, you might be wondering what effect this news will have on markets and the price of Bitcoin, especially because people can basically gamble on the price of Bitcoin without actually dealing with it. However, I am convinced that the loudest voices who make the most sense will inspire the most people, and businesses, to grab the real deal. Due to its scarcity model, this will certainly weigh heavily against the price of Bitcoin (unless governments blow it up, of course). I don't think we'll ever come to a point where the SAT is no longer useful. People who own a few SATs at a time